About Us

VSI, or Video Services International, was born 1992.  The company started off small as a VHS duplication facility with three employees.  Through years of hard work, late nights, and tireless devotion, VSI has grown to become VSI-HD Media.  Our company now employs a talented staff of editors, graphic designers, engineers, writers, producers and a loyal down-to-earth sales crew.  Growing up has brought many changes, including a state of the art facility which includes three AVID High Definition video editing suites, a Pro-Tools 5.1 audio engineering suite along with a recording booth, two top of the line Final Cut Pro editing stations, a motion control camera studio, and a Sony digital linear editing suite.  To go with all of that, VSI also has a full time staff of transcriptionists, translators, and our subtitling and closed captioning services are second to none.  But don't think that we forgot where we came from, we still get down to our roots in replication and duplication.   We're VSI-HD Media, and we're here for you.

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