Captioning & Subtitling


Closed captioning is critical for the hearing impaired.  Closed captioning is also quite common in loud places, such as restaurants or other social venues where you can't hear the television.  Closed captioning of broadcast content is also required by the FCC (of course there are a few exceptions).

Here at VSI | HD we take pride in our closed captioning.  Our quality is second to none.  We aren't pushing out massive quantities of low quality captioning that you may be familiar with, but our expertise is working with top tier clients who must adhere to tight specifications.  We're used to working with clients who pay attention to detail, clients who want their final production to be perfect from top to bottom, where closed captioning is no exception.  If you're required to do something, you should do it right.  VSI | HD's closed captioning team is here to help finish your project with the same quality with which you started.

  • Spanish

  • Multi Lingual

  • High Accuracy Rate

  • Rush services available

  • Competitive rates

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Multiple caption file formats

  • Live Captioning

  • US based transcribers

  • Can utilize physical media

  • Subtitle all languages

  • Caption Extraction of physical and file media

  • Repurpose existing files for broadcast and web

  • Vertical captioning



There are somewhere between 5,000 and 6,000 languages spoken in the world today.  If you're thinking about getting your content out to more than just one of those languages, VSI | HD can help you out.  We have a talented in-house Spanish speaking producer, who has subtitled material for clients such as ESPN International.  Even though it is our forté, we aren't limited to Spanish. We have contacts around the world that can translate into just about any language.  If you're looking to transcend the barriers of your own language, VSI MediaScript can help with that, too.