Language Translation Services

VSI-HD can help open your borders to the world.  Our team can translate into 160 different languages – common languages like Spanish, French, German and including the world's fastest growing language, Arabic.  We can translate webcasts, web pages, meetings, advertisements, brochures, manuals, videos... the list goes on.

In addition to the many services seen here, we are proud to spotlight our language overdubbing services, which have received high marks from our clients. Our language-dubbing(ADR) services recast your television, film and web programs into multiple languages for a fraction of the cost of producing new content. With owned and operated studios in the US and Mexico, along with contract studios across the globe, VSIHD is positioned to handle projects of any size. Our seasoned voice actors, under the direction of accomplished directing and engineering teams, allow us to “localize” the language, accent and dialect of your program to your target market. Consistent quality and affordable rates combined with an extra attention to detail has allowed us to work on some of the best known names in the business including, FOX, ESPN, Cinecanal, NBC|Universal and many others. Please see below for sample:

  • Multi-Language translation with localization

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Legal document

  • Defense

  • Medical and technical

  • Annual Reports

  • In person on site translation services

  • Web & Broadcast translation